I am a mid-twenties Londoner, trying to spend a large portion of my life eating brunch, drinking rosé and pining for my cat’s attention. Having first discovered pens at 6 months old, and eventually that they should be used for writing… I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to sharing my view on the world through my slightly impaired vision. Follow me on Instagram for photos of food, cider and cats.

I love to write about all things mental health, psychology and their representation in the media. I was brought up in the Middle East from 1997-2012, in a society with deeply embedded patriarchal and inflexible institutional structures prone to self-denial and hypocrisy, social taboos and inequality. There was, and still is, widespread attitudes that marginalise those who deviate from the accepted ‘norm’ and a serious lack of education in the ‘taboos’ such as sexuality, contraception, women’s health, mental health, abuse and racism. Through-out those years and to this day, my life is touched by all of those issues, whether I’ve experienced it myself, or a friend or family member. Which led me here, to write about those things we were brought up not to talk about and hopefully contribute to the demise of persisting stigmas.

Enjoy your time tinkering around my corner of the Internet.