New Beginnings: My Freelance Writing Journey

I DID IT. I handed in my notice! After a restless night and a morning of stomach acrobatics, I’ve finally taken the plunge and told my manager that I’m leaving. I’m beyond relieved and excited that the wheels are in motion and the transition is in sight after over a year of thinking and talking about becoming a freelance writer.

Over the next couple of blogs, I’ll be sharing some more details about the journey so far, and what I have planned ahead. But for now, I want to share a bit about why I turned to writing.

In the past six months, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking a lot about my life and the choices I’ve made, continue to make, and will make. I’ve become very conscious about the impact I make on the world around me, not only in terms of greater environmental wellbeing by moving to clean and non-toxic products, but also how I act or the things I say may influence others.

I can safely say that there are very few choices I’ve made in my life that I’ve made with confidence, without second-guessing myself and plaguing myself with doubts and “what if’s”. But there’s one certainty that I’ve never doubted, and that’s my understanding of the power of words.

When I started as a Content Marketing Manager in April 2019, my career became centred around the words I choose, what order I decide to write them, the tone of voice I used and the influence I want to make as a result. I had previously spent years looking for ways to accurately portray, explain or describe how I felt, and I usually came up short. I used to save quotes that I’d found online that I thought precisely recounted how I felt about something. At the time, it was such a relief to find an outlet that I could use to express myself, even if it was through someone else’s words. It was also incredibly comforting to know that there was at least one other person out there who feel the same way as I did. Music provided another escape, and I developed a strong attachment to the songs whose lyrics mirrored a specific memory or had the power to transport me to specific people and places. The songs whose words quite literally felt like they echoed through me with a deep, reverberating evocative power.

To put feelings to paper and resonate with another person, it’s a capability that is similar to “flexing a muscle”, it takes time, patience and practice to develop. Through the years, my Notes app on my phone has taken it all, hours of typing and deleting heartfelt messages, drafts of speeches, lists, my darkest thoughts and my most authentic self. My diary, my soundboard, and my release. My phone is always on hand, so it’s always been the most accessible and convenient to capture moments and thoughts. By building that muscle, the words came to my tongue (more precisely, fingertips) far more naturally and it became more and more satisfying to be able to clearly articulate something I found inexplainable or complex.

These days, I’ve taken that skill to my professional life and the work I produce; content that clearly and simply explains or articulates a complex concept or idea. As a Content Marketing Manager, I wrote about the complicated and ambiguous world of investment, raising capital, and startups to help entrepreneurs and founders of small businesses. For the first time in my career, I thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing; deconstructing and simplifying the complex to educate others.

Now, it’s time to offer that more widely as a freelancer, and I’m so excited to get going!