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Ellie Collins

Freelance Writer & Content Strategy Consultant

About Me

I am a mid-twenties Londoner, trying to spend a large portion of my life eating brunch, drinking wine and pining for my cat’s attention. Having first discovered pens at 6 months old, and eventually that they should be used for writing… I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to sharing my view on the world through my slightly impaired vision.


Medical Writing

I can write for multiple audiences across different types of media, including:

  • Manuscripts, technical monographs, abstracts, and posters.
  • Scientific and marketing slide decks.
  • Corporate and therapeutic area newsletters.
  • Conference coverage, reports and follow-up publication.
  • Patient literature.
  • Professional literature including presentation materials, medical supplements, newsletters, scientific reviews and articles.
  • Advisory Board minutes and reports.
  • Print and web-based feature articles.
  • Interactive training material across all media.
  • Video and webcast scripts to support sales calls, HCP-patient role-plays, animations, and patient case studies.
  • Media kits.

Entrepreneur and Business Writing

I specialise in writing and editing complex and difficult topics into easy-to-understand, educational, thought-provoking and SEO optimised content that engages entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses. This includes:

  • Long-form and in-depth guides.
  • Blogs.
  • White papers.
  • Thought leadership pieces.
  • Op-ed articles.
  • Case studies.

Content Marketing Strategy

I can work with you to develop a content strategy built around your objectives and advise on the following:

  • Content ideation and schedules.
  • Content production to increase SEO authority and awareness.
  • Content distribution and promotion.

Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Content

I focus on creating easy to understand, beneficial and engaging content concerning health and wellness, travel and sustainable living.

I write for several Medium publications: Invisible Illness, The Ascent, The Lucky Freelancer, Be Unique and Noteworthy.


Ellie is a confident and talented writer. We have worked together on a number of projects and I have found her to be a professional and engaging team-member. Ellie responds accurately and swiftly to a brief, irrespective of the therapeutic area, communications channel and target audience.

Lynn, Healthy Communication

We worked with Ellie to produce a thought provoking piece on the state of student mental health at universities. She was very professional, produced high quality work (that ended up becoming one of our best performing posts ever) and was a delight to work with. We look forward to working with her again in the future.

Sam, Currikula

Ellie produces thought provoking content that really connects with the reader. Her ability to write across a host of different styles is a credit to what an adaptable and dynamic writer she is.

Charlotte, Twenty Mile Club

Ellie provided a valuable and insightful article for my online publication. Sticking closely to the brief and delivering in a timely fashion, we were 100% satisfied with the quality of her work. She is extremely insightful and versatile writer and she delivered a highly professional service. I have already asked her to contribute to my publication again.

Robin, Synbiologue

Ellie is a very responsive writer who took the initiative to reach out to me and provide an article for my site. She did a really nice job balancing her personal story with relevant research. She’s a committed professional who can deliver academic-level writing.

Jordan, Nerve 10

Ellie has worked her magic on my website copy, helping deliver the message to prospective clients in a way that I couldn't do myself. Ellie thoughtfully listens and asks questions at the briefing stage, and is thorough, diligent, resourceful, and proactive in carrying out the project.

I am 100% satisfied with the quality of her work. This copy editing project was the second time that I have worked with Ellie, and I look forward to utilising her talents again for my business soon.

Robert Yeo, RYLN Coaching

Case Studies


I am the owner of, a lifestyle resource for Londoners to find the best food, drink and cultural experience in the city. From the city's best secret bars to the top places to soak up a weekend's hangover, alondonlist helps visitors discover London's finest places. Originally starting off as a private to-do list when I moved to the capital, I've now curated the content into an online presence accessible for all London-lovers.

Personal blog

I was raised in a society with deeply embedded patriarchal and inflexible institutional structures prone to self-denial and hypocrisy, social taboos and inequality. There was, and still is, widespread attitudes that marginalise those who deviate from the accepted ‘norm’ and a serious lack of education in the ‘taboos’ such as sexuality, contraception, women’s health and mental health. So, I started a blog to write about those very things I was brought up not to talk about.


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